Werribee Zoo - Open Range SafariAfter finally arriving in Melbourne, as previously stated, I was pretty drained. When I finally got to my apartment, hereafter “home,” I did my best to unpack. The Purple Suitcases by this point were really beginning to annoy me, since the very sight of them made me feel like I was still in transit. The unpacking endeavor wasn’t really so much about getting my things out and put away so much as it was about trying to find something to occupy me. I arrived home around 2pm and as tired as I was, I wanted to make sure I stayed as awake as possible, at least until I had achieved a more reasonable bedtime. My internal clock was already screwed up enough.

I made it as far as 7:45pm,  by which point I had no alternative but to pass out. I hadn’t eaten anything all day except for a chocolate chip cookie on my Sydney-Melbourne flight because I hadn’t been hungry – a likely result of my long journey – but I think that this ultimately contributed to my exhaustion. I did not see The Roommate that night, though I heard her come home not too long after I went to bed.

The next day saw a leisurely start. I’m  not exactly a morning person, so I wasn’t in any rush to get up. Actually, come to think of it…I’m not really an any-time-of-day person. I just really like being in bed. If they were to turn sleeping/loafing into an Olympic activity, I think I could probably take home the gold.

In any case, I got up shortly after I heard The Roommate start moving around. She had been kind enough to take Friday off so that she could show me around the city. We congenially grumbled at one another in the chilly living room, still suited up in our jammies, over bowls of Lucky Charms. Though not a favorite, apparently she gets them at some American specialty food store. I generally try not to consume that kind of sugar first thing in the morning, but in this case I found those weird little marshmallows oddly comforting.  These were followed by some BBQ Shapes. which along with the rest of Arnott’s Shapes Baked-Not-Fried snack crackers, are the best. So. Yummy.

After reluctantly getting dressed, we both headed out so I could see Melbourne. Our first stop was the university, where I saw some of the cool old buildings and we got some coffee at this awesome little stand called House of Cards. From there we went over to the State Library of Victoria, which was pretty neat. We couldn’t really go inside because we still  had the previously mentioned deliciously warm coffee, but I aim to go back there another day.

From there we went to the Central Business District (CBD) to Melbourne Central, which is basically the big mall where you can do most of your shopping. We wandered around and went to a couple of different shops, including this one store called Typo, that I am absolutely never allowed to go back to or else I will buy all the things. I did however spludge on myself with this:


After that, we went to Fake Target. Australian Target is a tease because it kind of looks like American Target at first, but then it is significantly less awesome. In any case, I picked up a few odds and ends at Fake Target (alarm clock, quilt, etc.). I also made my first attempt at getting a phone, but they told me I couldn’t because I didn’t have my banking sorted out yet.

After a few more stops, we took the tram home to meet The Roommate’s Boyfriend, who was coming to visit for the weekend from Canberra. After hanging out at home for a few hours, we walked to a nearby pub/restaurant for dinner, where I got to eat some pretty good chicken parm, called “parma” here, and described on the menu as “one big arse chook.” It was quite good and quite “big arse” as well.

After that, we went back home, where The Roommate convinced The Roommate’s Boyfriend to drive us to Melbourne Central, rather than have us walk, because we were going to the movies. The Roommate’s Boyfriend wanted to go see the new Planet of the Apes and I agreed to tag along. It was a very late showing and there were quite a lot of apes. Overall, I’m still not a Planet of the Apes fan, but it was still fun. By time we got home I went right to sleep again.

Saturday we decided to go to the zoo. We wound up going to the Werribee Zoo, which is well outside the city. We did this because it is apparently much nicer than the Melbourne Zoo and because The Roommate’s Boyfriend had a car. It took us a bit to get there, but the weather was sunny and nice, though a bit chilly. Overall it was fun. The weather decided to be true Melbourne weather, which meant that it went from periods of crisp sunniness to sudden rainy/windy/cold periods. It did this on and off for the whole day. One of the really neat things about the Werribee Zoo is that they have an open range safari there, which means that you get out on the safari bus and they take you out to look at all the animals, which are more or less just wandering around in this great big open space.

  Werribee Zoo 2

The animals were amazing. I was literally five feet away from a rhinoceros when my camera finally decided to die. I’ve had it since I went to Copenhagen, so I guess after about 4 years it was entitled to finally bite the dust, but that means that I didn’t get any other photos of my time at the zoo. I have to look into picking up another digital camera now, which is disappointing because I liked the old one and I didn’t want to have to spend the money on something new. Oh well, what can you do? I did get a picture of this guy earlier on, though, so that was great.

Werribee Zoo 3

After the better part of a day, we finally left the zoo and headed off to Ikea so we could all buy awesome Ikea things. I’d never actually been inside an Ikea before and it was kind of terrifying. I got the last of my bedding-related accessories and then we headed home. We ordered pizza and watched a movie before calling it quits. I would like to note for anyone who intends to go to Oz in the future…meatlovers pizza is made with BBQ sauce. It’s weird. Just FYI.

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