Hi, I’m Kelley, and I’m a Chronic Undersharer. I suffer from a condition where I continually find myself entirely disinterested in sharing details about my life with other people online. Social media, while awesome in premise, has never really been my thing. I am not one of those people, entirely incapable of not sharing every piece of daily minutia with the tweeting, like-crazed, selfie-fied hashtag wonderland that is the interweb. Needless to say, even writing this brief blurb is a challenge.

The fact is that I am traveling more than 10,000 miles from New Jersey, USA to Melbourne, Australia for graduate school. While I am away for the next two years in a different hemisphere, I want to try and stay connected. As far as I can tell, that means blogging. This blog, therefore, has become an experimental necessity, since I’ve never actually (meaningfully) blogged before.

I’m a big reader of books…it’s pretty much the bulk of what I do in my spare time, when I even have spare time. Since I’m a confessed book snob, I end up reading some pretty old, odd and thought-provoking things. In the course of my literary odyssey, I came across the following:

“Each of us is all the sums he has not counted: subtract us into nakedness and night again, and you shall see begin in Crete four thousand years ago the love that ended yesterday in Texas. The seed of our destruction will blossom in the desert, the alexin of our cure grows by a mountain rock, and our lives are haunted by a Georgia slattern, because a London cut-purse went unhung. Each moment is the fruit of forty thousand years. The minute-winning days, like flies, buzz home to death, and every moment is a window on all time.”

                                                 -Thomas Wolfe, Look Homeward Angel (1929)

If your first impression is anything akin to mine, you’re probably extremely confused. Don’t panic! If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Thomas Wolfe, it is that he’s unintelligibly profound.

How is this relevant, you ask?

I had been thinking about the purpose of blogging, and on the culture of internet sharing in general, around the same time I was reading that book. It made me think about the nature of time and human experience in a way that was overly philosophical, and which concluded with a sever case of brain-melt. My overall conclusion, however, was that as I embark on this endeavor, I need to write about it. This is my life. That makes it meaningful – especially for those I can’t share with in person.

I’ve titled this blog Meanderish because it think it reflects my penchant for personal understatement. Everyone keeps throwing around the word “adventure,” which I believe is accurate in its own way. However,  because I strictly regulate my levels of expressed excitement between low and non-existant, and since I’m not Bilbo Baggins, I thought the use of the “a” word was a bit much. I’m just going to go where I’m going to go, do what I’m going to do, and then hopefully remember to write about it. Consider it the epic journey of a lazy girl.

Since people back home already know about my intent to blog (you know who you are), I now have a system of accountability for following through on this site.  I hope not to disappoint and we’ll see what happens!