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Exploring Australia, Part II: The Great Ocean Road

Loch Ard GorgeThe Great Ocean Road is more than 150 miles of scenic southern Australian shores. It was perhaps the thing I was most eager to see in the ‘immediate’ area, so naturally it there was a freezing, windy downpour the entire time I was there. Continue reading

Exploring Australia, Part I: Colac & Great Otway National Park

Otway Fly

Up until this weekend, I haven’t had much time to go exploring. In fact, the bulk of my free time so far has been occupied with writing papers and watching Midsomer Murders. That makes this little trip I made particularly exciting.  Continue reading

The Day I Became an Indonesian

Melbourne CBDMoving all the way to Australia had been tiring, time-consuming and filled with its own little stresses. The biggest of which was the fact that I had left “home” behind. Continue reading

Open House Melbourne

Captain FlindersMoving from one part of the world to another, such as I have recently done, would generally precipitate some sightseeing. I love seeing new things. I like taking pictures and exploring. But I also loathe walking around looking like a tourist, which is why I put off checking out some of the parts of Melbourne for so long.

Continue reading

The One with the Gutenberg Bible

UniMelb - Old ArtsGetting back into the groove of being a student isn’t something I think is going to be hard. It’s really the anticipation of returning to a mode of life you left behind you some time ago that’s the killer.  Continue reading

Orientating with Ulterior Motives

UniMelb - Old Arts

There’s nothing like a good old campus orientation to remind you what it’s like to go back to school after a long break from learning. At least, I think there is… Continue reading

A Day at the Zoo

Werribee Zoo - Open Range SafariAfter finally arriving in Melbourne, as previously stated, I was pretty drained. When I finally got to my apartment, hereafter “home,” I did my best to unpack. The Purple Suitcases by this point were really beginning to annoy me, since the very sight of them made me feel like I was still in transit. The unpacking endeavor wasn’t really so much about getting my things out and put away so much as it was about trying to find something to occupy me. I arrived home around 2pm and as tired as I was, I wanted to make sure I stayed as awake as possible, at least until I had achieved a more reasonable bedtime. My internal clock was already screwed up enough. Continue reading

The Traveler in Transit, Part II

australia planeThere really isn’t anything to be done for time. It does what it wants and it moves on without any consideration for your plans. It ticks by at the same rate whether you think your life is going too fast or too slow. It doesn’t care if your ready or not, it just keeps ticking. Continue reading

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